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idoaudit - Audits and Inspections App 

IdoAudit Overview

IdoAudit is highly reliable, easy to implement and use software for a wide variety of Audits, Inspections, Assessments etc. The software manages both checklist and non-checklist audits and inspections.

The software comes with an offline mode that keeps the work going in remote locations such as mining sites. The software automatically exchanges data with server, when it gets a connection.

You have the option of using Apps, Responsive Web front end, SQL or No SQL (big data) database. The software generates standard and template based descriptive reports.

IdoAudit is highly efficient and productive. It saves 35-85% manual or routine work by ease of use,  productivity by automating and integrating disparate business processes, legacy and other related enterprise systems.


IdoAudit is a highly flexible and customisable product in the form of framework. This unique model enables us deliver easy to use, efficient and productive Audits and Inspections App and Big Data data based Software to a wide variety of industry domains such as welding. building, plumbing, aged care, mining etc. The product is an excellent choice for managing complex business rules and effortlessly collecting large amounts of data.

 Some of our clients use IdoAudit to 'digitise' their intellectual property and/ or develop their product to resell (product and data).

The system maps all kind of processes, fluid, structured, unstructured, ad hoc, checklist based, annotation and comment based, standards based etc. We map all kinds of processes diligently to deliver systems that are easy to use, appealing and enticing to ensure quick adoption.

Our developed products exploit latest in technology such as dictation, handwriting, drawing, photo, video, annotation and notes methods. We enable onsite collaboration and automated report generation for clients and statistical analysis for the business owners.

IdoAudit also undertakes tasks to upgrade Audits, Inspections, Parking and other commercial software for vendors to make it next generation app and SQL or NO SQL database based, with attractive dashboards and charts, at a fraction of costs.

All our work is done in Australia. This means very high quality, reliability and ultra low maintenance. We can deliver up to 90 month project in 6 months.

We invite organisations, audits and inspections businesses to develop or upgrade their software. Please contact us by  email or Tel: +61 3 9802 5516.

Type, write, dictate, take photo, video and attach it to your report automatically.

Easy to use tools that ease auditors and inspectors work by taking dictation, handwritten notes, drawings, photos, videos and attach them to reports.

idoaudit - Type, Write, dictate, take photo or video 

Work Online or Offline, automatically sync with base systems and corporate systems

The system works offline or online and automatically connects to corporate systems, exchanging data on a 'need to know' basis. We can implement Single Sign on or 2 factor authentication.

idoaudit - work offline or online 


IdoAudit is available both on 'Software as a Service (SaaS)' based subscription or on a 'perpetual royalty free' license basis.

SaaS Subscription License Cost for Audits, Inspection, Assessment Software

This involves a small upfront cost and rest of the cost is amortised over the agreement period or 12-24-36-48 or 60 months.

The software is hosted and maintained by us. Clients use their own desktops and tablets to access the software. If required, lease for tablets (Apple, Microsoft or Windows) can be organised. For a 100 User implementation, the costs could be as little as $5 Per Device Per day!

Perpetual Royalty Free License Cost for Audits, Inspection, Assessment Software

In case of perpetual royalty free license, we customise the product and hand it over to client after warranty period. Support is optional and source code is provided. In the case, client pays for entire product upfront BUT in stages. Total product costs in this case start from $200,000.

Use our framework system to upgrade any application at a fraction of cost and time.

Our software development framework enables any enterprise application or product upgrade task in a risk free manner at a fraction of cost. At the end of, we deliver highly product, efficient, reliable and fast access systems.

idoaudit - Charts and Dashboards

Attractive Dashboards and Charts

The system provides Big data Analytics capability and a wide variety and array of dashboard components and charts such as the ones above. Using this capability the users can collate data over years and run Audits and Inspections big data analytics.

About us

IdoAudit for Audits and Inspections

Since 2002, Envision IT has been in the forefront of software products development in Australia.

Envision IT products are renowned for high quality, low maintenance and being highly productive and efficient.

In its line of unleashing productivity and efficiency in businesses, Envision It has now launched its new Audits and Inspections software.

The software:

  • Integrates to your existing systems
  • provides responsive web or app based front end
  • DDrastically reduces cost and time to develop and launch new software
  • Option to use SQL or NO SQL databases such as hadoop or Microsoft Hadoop.

IdoAudit Contact details

IdoAudit is a versatile software designed for different industry verticals.

While the software details are hosted on this website, please download a brochure or contact us for a demo:


Envision IT

Suite 4, Level 2, 255 Blackburn Road


Web: www.idoaudit.com.au 

Email: info@idoaudit.com.au

Tel: +61 3 9802 5516

Fax: +61 3 9012 7913

we look forward to hearing from you.